Just An Update...

Hey all! So happy that there is a following around here already! Jessica and I are working on creating a forum format connected to this blog that will make discussions a bit easier to track while still posting topics up on here. Hopefully after a bit of work this weekend, we'll be pretty much up and running! And, I will work on answering/addressing many of the topics and questions posed in the comments from the first post as well. Stay tuned!!


A Little Resource...

I just discovered the site SEO Chat that has some very useful links in their left sidebar... Guess I'll start a useful links roll tonight to add to this space, and continue to post on any resources that come my way. Excited to continue the conversation! There's got to be a formula (for those who want one) to this!
And yes, I had to include a photo with the post. Of course. Because this blogging thing sure gives me a headache some days... but I'm glad it's not just me! And pretty pictures always seem to help. If you have any other resources, please leave them in the comments!! (Thanks Kelly!)


Well, we were all a Twitter today about advertising on blogs. What's the standard? Is there one? What's the formula you're using? My rates are no secret (if you ask, I send them) so here they are:

$85/month for top placement
$65/month for below the fold

I figure if there's gonna be a discussion, we have to be honest about what we're all charging! Of course, there are many factors that go into figuring out what to charge, and I don't pretend to understand them all myself. Obviously, readership (uniques and pageviews) are a huge piece. As is content, size of ad, type of ad... on and on and on...

SO, why don't we start with this. What are your questions? For those of you who are already charging, how did you figure it out? Do you have a secret formula? For those of you who haven't started yet - what do you want to know? We'll take it from there...!