Just An Update...

Hey all! So happy that there is a following around here already! Jessica and I are working on creating a forum format connected to this blog that will make discussions a bit easier to track while still posting topics up on here. Hopefully after a bit of work this weekend, we'll be pretty much up and running! And, I will work on answering/addressing many of the topics and questions posed in the comments from the first post as well. Stay tuned!!


Plush Palate said...

Sounds like a great idea! Thanks so much Jessica and Cassandra for working on the forum format! So happy we all have a place to come to ask our questions...god knows I have a lot of them!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope it is sunny wherever you are :)

xoxo Crystal

Bonjour from Switzerland! said...

Wow I just discovered blogging and reading blogs, so glad I found your blog. What a great idea!